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neon wedding signs

Wedding Receptions With Neon Wedding Signs

If you’re planning a colorful and unique wedding, consider purchasing a neon wedding sign. These signs will make your wedding venue stand out and shine as a beacon of hope for a beautiful future. You can also purchase this sign to adorn your home. Available on Etsy in 18 different colors, you can even have it hand-lettered and hung by a friend. Read on for tips and ideas for using neon wedding signs at your reception and your home!

Wedding receptions with neon signs are particularly striking, and can set the tone for a bohemian-themed affair. A large sign atop a peacock-colored table can signal the main entrance, and an oversized neon sign above the dance floor can serve as a photo booth for your guests. Other uses for neon signs include indicating the main entrance of a venue, lighting up the altar, and accentuating the DJ setup.

If you’re planning a romantic wedding, a neon sign with your name in lights is the perfect way to celebrate the happy couple’s upcoming nuptials. A simple neon sign with initials can serve as a thank-you card, or it can be a personalized photo. Whatever your choice, you can customize your wedding signs so they’re as unique as you are. So, go ahead and customize your wedding sign with a neon name sign!