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Take The Family For A Luxury Tour

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10 Gifts to make your event memorable for guests

It is not without a reason that the popular saying goes- First impression is the last impression. Any event which involves giving return gifts needs to create a lasting impression in the minds of visitors. If it is a corporate event, attendees need to have a positive impression of the brand in question, which can be accentuated by giving away useful gifts. After all, memories are all that remain, whether of personal or corporate gatherings. Then again, the quality of gift items go a long way in making your event a memorable one. Be sure to personally check the quality of material used for gift items before finalising them for your big day.

Here is a list of ten gifts, some of which you can choose for personal events such as weddings, while a few are useful for press conferences and corporate gatherings.

  1. Personalised mugs- At weddings, the hosts are aware of the couples that are expected to turn up. Accordingly, photographs of couples can be printed on the cups with an interesting message, making it a personal memory for them. While the message is usually standard, pictures of the couple can be taken and be incorporated on the spot. This is one of the latest trends in the market today.
  2. Personalised thank you notes- Personalised thank you notes, in the form of bookmarks, can also be given to couples and families at the wedding or reception. It will make every guest feel special for being a part of the celebration. Many designs are available for such bookmarks.
  3. Goodie bag- A goodie bag with a variety of items can be provided to each family which enters the wedding reception area. One of the items in this can be a fun candy or a treat special to that area. It can also have a toy to entertain kids who have been brought to the occasion and could possibly be bored. The bag may also include local jewellery such as pendants, a necklace or charms.
  4. Sweet boxes- Boxes which come with dry fruits or sweets are commonly given away during weddings. It goes with the philosophy that any meal is incomplete without dessert at the end. Dry fruits can be consumed throughout the year. Of course, it is the packaging which will form a lasting impression in the minds of guests.
  5. Table coasters- Decorative table coasters can be considered as attractive gifts for any household. They can be given away at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and even corporate events. Today such coasters can be ordered through the Internet.
  6. Promotional Power Banks- In the age of smartphones, power banks have become an important utility item for most corporate professionals on the move. Many visitors long to obtain such power banks.
  7. Promotional USB drives- USB drives are given away at most press conferences. They contain important information about products and services. At the same time, many of them are available in attractive designs and are helpful for brand recall.
  8. Promotional bags- Smart-looking bags to carry to office can be gifted at corporate launches and press conferences. They are handy for carrying other printed material which may also have been given at the conference. At the same time, the brand logo can easily be displayed.
  9. Travelling accessories- In case your guests have had to travel to long distances in order to reach for your event, it is your duty to make sure they are not disappointed. Give them a portable travel bag with useful accessories such as travel chargers, pens and diaries.
  10. Table clocks- Several table clocks in attractive designs are available in the market today. Instead of relying on the mobile phone alarm clock to wake up in the morning, your guests will now be able to use a stylish bedside clock.

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